Turpial Coffee offers a journey into an exceptional sensory adventure through our Colombian mountain-origin coffee, where each cup is a fusion of passion and commitment.

Our story

Colombian origin coffee

With a rich tradition rooted in the majestic Colombian mountains, we invite you to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience through our origin coffee. Each cup is a testament to the passion and diligence with which we cultivate and harvest our beans in the heights of Neira, Caldas, Colombia. From the moment your palate encounters the aromatic notes to the final sip that leaves a lasting flavor, you will carry with you a piece of our mountains' history.

Caldas Mountains

Experience the essence of Colombia’s mountainous terrain in every sip of our origin coffee. Grown amidst the Caldas mountains, this coffee boasts a rich flavor profile with notes of warmth and depth, a testament to the unique altitude and climate. Indulge in a cup that encapsulates the dedication of local farmers and the remarkable terroir, delivering a truly distinctive and memorable coffee experience.

Our artisanal coffee process

Colombian origin coffee

is a meticulous journey from bean to cup, where every step is a testament to craftsmanship. From hand-picking the finest coffee cherries on lush slopes to sun-drying them with care, our process respects tradition while embracing innovation. Expert roasters then coax out the beans' inherent flavors, resulting in a cup that tells the story of dedication, expertise, and the art of coffee-making at its finest.

Red Beans

our beans are meticulously harvested by skilled hands. Each coffee cherry is carefully selected and hand-picked, ensuring only the ripest and finest fruits make their way into our process. This manual approach not only preserves the integrity of the beans but also honors the time-honored tradition of coffee cultivation, resulting in a cup that embodies the passion and dedication of our farmers.

Artisanal coffee process

After the careful harvest, our coffee embarks on a journey of transformation. The beans are spread under the sun's gentle caress, allowing them to naturally dry and develop their flavors. This patient process respects the rhythms of nature and preserves the unique qualities of each bean. Once dried, our master roasters take the helm, carefully applying heat to unlock a symphony of aromas and tastes. The result is a meticulously roasted coffee that encapsulates the essence of our craft and the character of the land it hails from.

Turpial Coffee's 12 oz bag of Colombian Mountain-Origin Delight

Crafted with devotion from the lush Caldas mountains, our beans are meticulously handpicked to ensure only the finest cherries make the cut. Sun-dried to perfection, they undergo an expert roasting process that dances with their inherent flavors, resulting in a cup that embodies the dedication of our farmers and the essence of our terroir. Open this bag to unlock a journey that culminates in a rich, aromatic, and unforgettable coffee experience.

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Colombian Mountain-Origin Delight

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